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Documentary | Director: María Sojob | Prod: Terra Nostra Films

Today, as you are braiding your daughter’s hair, you think of TOTE, the only surviving grandparent you have, who is going blind. You make a decision: you are going to visit him, back at his ranch to get to know him and yourself better. Taking the time to untangle the threads of his story and gaze upon the sunlight through the trees, you will suggest he weave a traditional hat— his master trade. It is through this process you seek to weave a relationship with him for the first time. Perhaps you seek to plant yourself in the place that links you to this man and binds him to the earth, which more deeply connects you to your mother and native tongue, all of which can be traced in your everyday habits. Maybe this will be the first step towards reconciling yourself in an effort to give a more serene love to your daughter.