About us

Terra Nostra Films is a Mexican production company focused on documentary production. The founding members are Mexican and French with studies in philosophy, film, anthropology, humanities and development, and we have over ten years experience in audiovisual production.

We believe that documentary film allows to inhabit better the world we live in, exploring its many faces and mirrors. We don't want to enclose ourselves in a unique aesthetic, but rather leave the possibility to search, in each new project, the fairest way to express the worlds as we approach. We are not essentially looking for the distant study of "real cases", but instead find empathy with those who invite us to share their reality and dreams.

We started with a series of ten short and medium length documentaries realized in Northwestern Mexico (2006/2007), followed by the feature documentary Viva Mexico! (2009). This film won several international awards and marked our beginnings in film distribution by organizing screening tours in Mexico and South America (2010), as well as in Europe and the United-States (2011). In recent years we have also made videos for social organizations and educational institutions, and we co-produced the French-Mexican documentary Remember Acapulco (2013).

Other projects are planned to be filmed in Mexico and in other latitudes. They could be different in their style and genre, but they will try to be faithful to this essential teaching of cinema: a journey to discover the other and its worlds.