About us

Terra Nostra Films (TNF) was founded in 2009 by Daniela Contreras (Mexico) and Nicolas Défossé (France) and focuses on documentary film production.

Based in Chiapas, in southeastern Mexico, TNF is strongly committed to the Documentary Film School of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a local initiative that it has supported from its inception.

In recent years, TNF has mainly produced the first short or feature films of filmmakers living in Chiapas, thus participating in building a film community in this historically marginalized region and trusting in the talent of young local filmmakers. These films have been screened both nationally and internationally and received awards in film festivals, highlighting the way in which they appropriate the universal language of cinema.

¡Viva Mexico! (dir. Nicolas Défossé, 120 min, 2010); Remember Acapulco (dir. Ludovic Bonleux, 82 min, 2013); Jvobtik-Our Music (dir. Humberto Gómez Pérez, 20 min, 2018); Nichimal Son-Blooming Music (dir. Juan Javier Pérez, 27 min, 2018); Majt'anil-The Legacy (dir. Ángel López Gómez, 21 min, 2018); Radical tenderness (dir. Magno Morales, 20 min, 2018); Tote_Grandfather (dir. María Sojob, 80 min, 2019); Negra (dir. Medhin Tewolde, 72 min, 2020); Vaychiletik (dir. Juan Javier Pérez, 83 min, 2021); Mom (dir. Xun Sero, 80 min, 2022); 3 Days, 3 Years (dir. Florencia Gómez Sántiz, 30 min, 2022); The Sky Is Very Pretty (dir. Aracely Méndez, 17 min, 2022); The Echo Of Her Voice (dir. Rodrigo Guzmán Espíndola, 14 min, 2023); Remington (dir. Magali Caballero, 20 min, 2023); Nyanga (dir. Medhin Tewolde, 20 min, 2023); Ch'ul be, sacred path (dir. Humberto Gómez Pérez, 70 min, 2023).