They said we would not be poor anymore...

Documentary | 37 min. | Mexico | 2007 | Dir: Nicolas Défossé | Prod: Terra Nostra Films, Promedios A.C.

State of Nayarit, northern Mexico. The hydroelectric dam of El Cajon has been built; the water begins to rise. In a few days an entire town sinks under water. The town was known as El Ciruelo, the plum grove. Its church, its dead people, its fields, its houses are now underwater. The government promised them that the dam would bring them a better life. The people received new houses, but lost their lands and their future.

"They said we would not be poor anymore..." is part of the series "Native Voices from the Northwestern Mexico".

This series of ten documentaries visit to indigenous peoples, peasant and fishermen communities in northwestern Mexico, discovering the everyday life of its characters and the situations they face in order to keep their land and identity.

Watch the documentary (in Spanish)

Honorable Mention. V Film Festival “Contra El Silencio Todas las Voces”. Mexico, 2008.


International "Water and Film" Events. Istanbul, Turquey, 2009.
International Film Festival of Cine and Environment ECOZINE.
Zaragoza, Spain, 2010.