From the Sierra of the Pima

Documentary | 11 min. | Mexico | 2006 | Dir: Nicolas Défossé | Prod: Terra Nostra Films, Promedios A.C.

In Sonora's East Sierra Madre, the ancestral Pima tribe is survived by its children. They have been displaced from more than half of their ejido lands by large land owners who continue to send them death threats. The government acts complicity, ordering police to torture and imprison the indigenous. This is "the abandonment of a people that almost wasn't known to exist" says SCI Marcos after hearing the Pima speak. He was received in the community La Dura on October 25th, 2006.

"From the Sierra of the Pima" is part of the series "Native Voices from the Northwestern Mexico".

This series of ten documentaries visit to indigenous peoples, peasant and fishermen communities in northwestern Mexico, discovering the everyday life of its characters and the situations they face in order to keep their land and identity.

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TV Broadcasted: Free Speech TV. USA, 2008.