From San José de la Zorra

Documentary | 16 min. | Mexico | 2007 | Dir: Nicolas Défossé | Prod: Terra Nostra Films, Promedios A.C.

The Kumiai indigenous people live in Baja California. The displacement from their ancestral lands by large landowners in collaboration with the Mexican state has placed their survival as a "first nation" at risk. The few Kumiai that dare to resist are threatened with death. In this context, a delegation of Kumiai meets with SCI Marcos and the Karavan accompanying the Other Campaign in San Jose de la Zorra, on October 17th, 2006.

"From San José de la Zorra" is part of the series "Native Voices from the Northwestern Mexico".

This series of ten documentaries visit to indigenous peoples, peasant and fishermen communities in northwestern Mexico, discovering the everyday life of its characters and the situations they face in order to keep their land and identity.

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TV Broadcasted: Free Speech TV. USA, 2008.