The Path of the Mayos with the Other Campaign

Documentary | 30 min. | Mexico | 2007 | Dir: Nicolas Défossé | Prod: Terra Nostra Films, Promedios A.C.

The Indigenous Mayo pueblo -or Yoreme- live in Sonora and Sinaloa in the northeast of Mexico. From owning their own land, the Mayos become the employees of land owners who pay them enough to eat Those who survive by fishing are confronted with big business´ invasion of the coast. Many members of the Mayo tribe see the necessity of seeking radical change and so they approach the Other Campaign´s proposals.

"The Path of the Mayos with the Other Campaign" is part of the series "Native Voices from the Northwestern Mexico".

This series of ten documentaries visit to indigenous peoples, peasant and fishermen communities in northwestern Mexico, discovering the everyday life of its characters and the situations they face in order to keep their land and identity.

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Morelia International Film Festival. Mexico, 2007.
International Film Festival El Ojo cojo.
Madrid, Spain, 2007.
Festival "Contra El Silencio Todas las Voces".
Mexico city, 2008.
Etnia Film Festival.
Turku, Finland, 2009.
TV Broadcasted: Free Speech TV. USA, 2008.