Cucapas and Kiliwas 9000 years later

Documentary | 58 min. | Mexico | 2007 | Dir: Nicolas Défossé | Prod: Terra Nostra Films, Promedios A.C.

The Cucapas and the Kiliwas live in northwestern Mexico. The Cucapas live off the fish found in the delta of the Colorado River but the government has now prohibited them from fishing there. For the Kiliwas, who live in the mountains, the situation is graver yet: many had to abandon their land, leaving in their exodus a ghost town with only 5 indigenous speakers. Cucapa and Kiliwa families share what it´s like to live with the daily threat of extinction.

"Cucapas and Kiliwas 9000 years later" is part of the series "Native Voices from the Northwestern Mexico".

This series of ten documentaries visit to indigenous peoples, peasant and fishermen communities in northwestern Mexico, discovering the everyday life of its characters and the situations they face in order to keep their land and identity.

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International Film Festival El Ojo cojo. Madrid, Spain, 2007.
Festival "Contra El Silencio Todas las Voces".
Mexico city, 2008.
Festival Cinéma France Latin America.
Bordeaux, France, 2009.
International Film Festival "Voices from the Water".
Bangalore, India, 2009.
Etnia Film Festival.
Turku, Finland, 2009.
Festival Filmar en América Latina.
Geneva, Switzerland, 2010.
TV Broadcasted: Free Speech TV. USA, 2008.